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In-country development of a conceptual closure plan for a high altitude mine in the Peruvian Andes. We developed a conceptual design and formal closure plan in both English and Spanish as part of mining application approvals.

A previous operator’s mine closure plan had been rejected by nearby communities, primarily because it presented risk of surge waves. The closure design was developed through consultation with the mining company and other contractors designing the operational site layout in order to ensure compatibility and minimize earth movements for closure works.

Our design featured novel use of waste rock dumps to provide flood pulse protection during seismic events for the communities located on the river below the mine site and constructed wetlands for arsenic attenuation.

The closure plan’s objectives also aimed to meet both Peruvian mine closure and water quality regulatory requirements as well as the expectations of key stakeholders including concerned villagers downstream. Planning considered a regional baseline of naturally elevated concentrations of antimony and arsenic in the karst system surrounding the mine site, as well as an altered baseline historic Inca silver mining disturbances in the area.

The closure design further incorporated designs for next land use planning with improved and more sustainable grazing pastures than prior to mining.

Magistral Falla

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Pit lakes and waste rock dumps








In-country preparation of conceptual closure plan working with local staff