Mine Lakes Consulting Pty Ltd provides international environmental expertise to the mining, urban development and other related industries.

With over 20 years research and consultancy experience in mining environmental management, our recognised leading international experts provide expertise in mine closure; especially pit lake closure and management, mining impacts on waters, mine rehabilitation and aquatic ecological and water quality issues.

We currently have Australia-wide current projects with project experience across Australasia, Asia, and North and South America. Our services are leading international industry practice with state-of-the-art science and our work is recognised by regulators globally. Our advice is tailored to fit your specific needs and purposes.

Extensive experience in management of mining environmental issues

Leading international experts in

  • Pit lake closure
  • Mine closure
  • Aquatic ecosystems

Mine Lakes Consulting specializes in planning and managing mine pit lakes and general mine closure, specifically these services.

  • Mine Pit Lakes
  • Mine Closure Planning
  • Mining Rehabilitation
  • Mine Water Impacts
  • Pre-acquisition Due Diligence
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Planning
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
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